Meet DeEtte


I’m a born and bred Kentucky girl. I love God, bourbon, horses, and the bluegrass – not necessarily in that order. I believe Jesus loves me and my tattoos, although my Mama isn’t a big fan of them. I’m married to my dream come true, Abbigail. We are a blended family of seven (4 kids + 1 rescue dog). On any given day you can find me cussing and chasing after at least one of them.

I am a storyteller, a strategist, and a spiritual distiller. Growing up in a long line of Pentecostal pastors taught me how to spin a tale with passion and charisma while simultaneously setting forth objectives, determining actions to achieve goals, and mobilizing the women’s ministry to execute the pot luck. It’s fair to say the Church was my first love, biggest heartbreak, and much more than an outdated institution I can’t seem to quit.

deette-decker-1I‘m the Social Media Strategist for the Presbyterian Church (USA) and a Communications Consultant specializing in digital media strategies for faith-based and non-profit organizations. You can read more about that here. I graduated from the University of Louisville with a B.A. in Communication and hold a Master of Divinity from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I’m a United States Air Force vet and loved my time flying aboard AWACS planes collecting stories while traveling the world.

My business, communication, military, and ministry experience combine to form a unique and fresh perspective on our world, faith, and family. Welcome to my little slice of the internet – the place I drop my deepest thoughts on all things digital, divine, and daily.

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