Monthly Archives: February 2021

Lessons on Hope

Prim b&w

I have a lot to learn from my dog, Prim. I came to this realization not too long ago as came down the stairs to say goodbye to two children as they headed off to their Dad’s house. Prim was right in the mix of things, standing beside them, tail wagging, leaning in for last-minute […]

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My First Memory: A Hand Me Down Tale

First Memory Image

I remember the feel of the microphone in my hand. The slick cool feel of the handle. The long fat black cord wrapped through the fingers of my left hand as I bring the mic to my face. I tentatively raise the mic against my lips and begin in a whisper, “This little light of […]

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Anchoring Forward

Kedge Anchor

Being a land-locked Kentucky girl, I don’t do a lot of sailing, so when I heard the term “kedge anchor” yesterday, I was lost. Turns out a kedge anchor is a light anchor that has a few different uses, one being to change the direction of a boat. Apparently, when a sailboat doesn’t have wind, […]

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Ashes to Ashes

In the midst of all that has been lost, I journey to the wilderness for 40 days reflecting, mourning, and waiting; sitting in the ashes of what was longing only for what will be. I don’t want the wilderness, not again. Not while the smoke is rising from the ashes of lies told, lives lost, […]

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